TOMATO GLASSES is a story about the love of a parent for their child
and the extreme they have gone to, to find perfect in KOREA

“Our journey started when I noticed that my 24 month old son’s eyes were not aligning correctly. Our trip to the ophthalmologist confirmed Accommodative Esotropia.

His condition Hyperopia is a result of a small eye, which caused his eyes to strain so much that they crossed and eventually one eye became lazy.

The only correction was to wear thick convex lenses and to wear an eye patch to prevent a lazy eye known as Amblyopia.

The limited choice of frames on the market at the time with nose pads were only in metal.  They were heavy and bulky and constantly kept falling off his face. Compliance was poor as my son refused to wear them due to the discomfort and weight.  His condition worsened.

There was nothing available that could cater for a small child’s head with a flat bridge.  My disappointment was such that I was compelled to make his frames on my own. 

This sparked the beginning of Tomato Glasses: a company and product born out of the affection and love I have for my child.  His vision improved and with the help of surgery his vision is now normal.

I am glad I did not give up on him and ever so grateful that the Tomato Glasses helped him.  I am also humbled to know that my passion and love for my son is now helping and supporting other children and parents across the globe that require custom fitted, lightweight and comfortable glasses. Children can now leave these spectacles on, with amazing success and great comfort. Tomato Glasses are frames that fit to a child’s face rather than the child fitting the frame. We, Tomato Glasses, will continue to make children’s frames so that we can make children and their parents happy”